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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing consists of all the marketing efforts using digital technologies and channels such as social media, email, mobile phones and the internet in general to connect to current or prospective clients.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing is considerably more cost-effective compared to Traditional Marketing, it is highly measurable and also highly transformational, making it possible for a business to focus its marketing efforts towards a very specific target group relevant to that particular business and to apply data-driven strategies and modifications to further enhance the effectiveness of their acquisition efforts.

Does our local market behave according to the international consumer trends?

The answer to this question is both YES and NO. Our community is very diverse and consists of a lot of different ethnic groups, each with their own culture and consumer behavior that mostly coincide with international behavioral traits. However, we are still a very small market where any local event or new trend potentially severely affects consumer behavior. Make sure you have the right team in your corner who truly understands the local market.

Can PLUZ Marketing & Multimedia provide me with guidance my offline marketing activities as well?

Sure we can. The transition towards new and digital media always takes some time and we are glad to help you with all your traditional marketing coordination, starting from outdoor advertising campaigns to the organization of promotional events and other PR activities.

What is the platform? is a media platform operated by PLUZ Marketing & Multimedia that will bring you all the best sights and stories about our island and why we call it ‘paradise’. It is our duty as citizens to focus more attention on all that is positive about our island nation and its inhabitants and this is our way of giving back to the entire community and enhance the love for our country. Stay tuned!